Letter to Secretary General.

January 18, 2017
Honourable Mr. Antonio Guterres
Secretary General
United Nations

Subject: Save Rohingyas in Myanmar

Dear Secretary General,
We are writing this mail with great sorrow and pain. You might have seen the news of Rohingyas in Myanmar in recent days. The stories of Rohingyas are full of pictures of inhumanity. The way the Burmese military is torturing them is beyond imagination. Animals wouldn't be subjected to this treatment without an international outcry.
There has been strong evidence of Rohingyas being burnt locked in their homes, women raped repeatedly and murdered in horrific circumstances. Families are dispersed and run away till they reach the border with Bangladesh border. On the way, many of them died. Dead-bodies are just left in the jungle. Many small children arrived at Teknaf alone, hundreds of girls are crying in the hospitals at Teknaf due to injuries from rapes etc. (We remember a photo of Vietnam war where a small girl children was running on the street necked due to fear of bombs. That photo impacted huge among the international community and US had to stop war).
Tragically Bangladesh is not willing to accept them as refugees. The Border Guards of Bangladesh (BGB) is pushing them back or hand over to Myanmar border guards police (BGP). Nothing is known about the fate of the people who were handed over to BGP, but the Rohingyas said that they are just killed immediately. Now the common words from Rohingyas that- "better to die in Bangladesh where the death will be peaceful and will get buried, while if they die in Myanmar, it will be with torture and without burial. Local people are also not allowed to provide assistance.
Their only fault is "they are Rohingyas ". There are other ethnic groups in Myanmar having a similar status, but they don't have any problem. Unfortunately the situation has worsen over the years and the intensity of torture and oppression has passed all limits even though now the country is now ruled by a Nobel Laureate for Peace. Bangladesh's call to the international community did not receive much attention, and hence intervention of the UN have become essential.
We faculty members and students of universities all over the world are writing this letter to you with a broken heart to take urgent and concrete steps to significantly boost leading role to end the ongoing and indiscriminate mass killing of Rohingyas in Myanmar.
We, the signers of this letter, request you to take urgent initiative to save the lives of unprotected people of Myanmar who happen to be Rohingya, and all others who are suffering. You should take leadership role to help resolve the current crisis and force Aung San Suu Kyi's government to comply with Universal Charter of Human Rights and prevent "silent genocide" of Rohingya people.
We urge you to do the needful to stop genocide and improve situation of the Rohingyas with full security as a matter of urgency. As a long term solution to the ethnic problem, the international community must force the Government of Myanmar to ensure legitimate birth rights of Rohingyas to be citizens of Myanmar as they were born and living in the land for many generations.
We look forward to seeing your urgent initiative and support for the helpless Rohingya people.

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